Sofija Markuljević
For Sofia

This website has been created as a gift to a beautiful innonect little human being, to a baby, a little angel that can do no evil and that has hurt no one in her entire life. That life has just begun. Unfortunately, the life of that little angel depends on a big amount of money. I've been wondering how to express the way I feel for a very long time, wondering how I can entertain people well enough to get them to contribute to this cause, to help keep a little life going. Realizing how expensive a human life is makes me want to scream, it is indeed tragic that parents need to beg the whole planet for a chance of their daughter's survival. To some, this amount is second to nothing, but to others it means life. To Sophia's parents, it means everything. When Sophia was born, her parents didn't even have an idea of what's going to happen in the next month. I cannot even imagine the feeling of dread when you realize what kind of dark cloud has come over your family. A horrifying disease that has a cure... but what is that cure? First, the knowledge of what your daughter is going through and the realization that children with this condition only live to be two years old... and then.. that there is a cure! What a relief! And then, another blow - the cure is unimaginably expensive and only exists in one place. What a defeat. I would say, a defeat for mankind. We are contributing to our species by bringing new life into this world and that that life is brought down to numbers because of such an expensive cure. This amount is too high. The amount is 2.1 million euros. It is currently the most expensive cure in the world, for one of the rarest diseases in the world and Sophia is probably one of the youngest humans to ever be diagnosed with this disease after only a month of her life. I have concluded that this method is the best to draw everyone's attention so that the cry of Sophia's parents would be heard far and wide. So I BEG everyone who gets the link to this website to share it everwhere and with everyone so that more people could get an opportunity to help. I am asking everyone to stop and think about how important it is to be a part of this and donate whatever amount they can. I am asking everyone to stop and go through their daily expenses and see if there is anything that they could sacrifice in order to donate even a little sum to Sophia's life. We are giving her a chance to live. I need everyone to stop and think about this, because without all of us, she does not have a chance. We are going to witness her first steps and the first joys that come with every childhood. I am sure that the feeling we all get when we help someone is splendid. Let's put ourselves on the list of people who have helped. I am asking and begging everyone to be a part of her childhood and her life, I am asking students to organize events, I am asking singers, actors, priests, politicians, workers, doctors, all medical staff members, IT experts, scientists, drivers, farmers, all companies big and small, hairdressers, jewelers, all moms and grandmas, all fathers and grandpas, nations, the Chinese, Americans, Germans, all of the people on every continent, tennis players, football players, basketball players, our diaspora, reporters and TV stations... I am asking everyone to unite, for humanity, for a chance that we will give her, because little Sophia deserves that, from all of us, because she cannot survive without us and without our help. Time is running out. So please let's not hesitate. Sophia is ten months old now and the sooner she gets the cure, the bigger the chances are that she will live. Every donation, no matter how small, gets us one step closer to success. Let's put ourselves on the list of donators, isn't that something we would be proud of? Let's be proud after all of this passes and we see her first step.

Thank you to everyone, from Sophia and her family. God will, I am certain, reward every one of us, because good things come back around. Let's be on Sophia's team because we are playing the most important game, the game for her LIFE!


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